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Many pets will probably not need surgery more than once in their lifetime, but Elwood Animal Hospital offers a variety of elective and emergency surgery for cats and dogs in Elwood, IN for the times when they are needed. Just like us, pets can have accidents or develop minor to severe conditions that are best treated with surgical care. And as part of your family, your pet deserves the compassionate, individualized treatment that our veterinarians and assisting staff provide.

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The Safety Protocols We Practice

Safety will always be our first and foremost concern for your pet. From preparation to completion, every surgical procedure we perform follows a strict set of protocols. These include:

  • A pre-anesthetic exam, blood work, and EKG
  • Reducing patient anxiety with a calming injection before administering anesthesia
  • Monitoring and tracking your pet’s vital signs continually (blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen level, and body temperature)
  • Recommending an IV catheter for every pet so we can give them additional medication during their surgery if needed
  • Keeping pets warm during surgery to prevent their temperature from dropping

Increasing Your Pet’s Comfort

In addition to safety, comfort is also very high on our list of priorities. This means that at every step of their surgical appointment, our goal is to make sure your pet is as pain-free as possible.

  • We provide thorough pain management during and after your pet’s procedure (including oral pain relief medication for while your pet is recovering at home)
  • For further pain relief and faster healing, we perform post-operative laser therapy at the surgical site*

*We do not use laser therapy treatment for pets that have or may have cancer.

Dog and Cat Surgeries Our Vets Perform

If there is a soft tissue surgery that your pet needs, our veterinary team is more than capable of providing it. Some procedures we perform at Elwood include:

  • Spays and neuters
  • Mass and tumor removals
  • Skin growth removals
  • Foreign body removals
  • Repairing lacerations and wounds
  • Various eye surgeries
  • …and more

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