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Wellness Exams

Building Longer, Healthier Lives

A healthy beginning increases your pet’s chances of living a healthy and long life. We recommend that you visit us at least once a year so we can make sure they’re in the best shape they can be. At Elwood Veterinary Hospital, we’re passionate about educating pet owners and providing lifelong preventative cat and dog wellness exam care that protects dogs and cats from a variety of diseases, parasites, and other dangers. Prevention altogether is superior to trying to manage advanced diseases, which can be difficult to treat.

What Pets Need to Stay Well in Elwood, IN

Every pet is different, which is why they benefit from personalized treatment. However, there is a standard of care that applies to every pet, because it ensures greater protection from illness and can even increase life expectancy. This includes:

  • A yearly or semi-yearly physical exam to track your pet’s health and check for problems
  • Blood tests, including screens for heartworm disease, tick-borne diseases, and intestinal parasites
  • Recommended vaccinations (depending on your pet’s age, health, and disease risks)
  • Flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives
  • Diet and exercise recommendations
  • Building a dental care plan for your pet
  • Planning their spay and neuter surgery (if they have not yet been spayed or neutered)

Our Vets Recommend Year-Round Parasite Protection

The threat of parasites is not limited to any particular season. Just about any time of year, dogs and cats can be at risk for an infestation or become infected with a parasite-transmitted disease. Even the most secure environment may not be enough to keep fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes away from your pet.

Therefore, Elwood Animal Hospital strongly recommends administering to your pet a full year’s worth of flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives, every year. Heartworm disease and Lyme disease have the potential to be life-threatening, and fleas can cause allergies and tapeworm infestations in pets. Why worry about having to treat parasite-borne diseases when you can help prevent them altogether?

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